Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Timoteo swimming

Guess what I did at school?
Last week we were going to swim at the Glen Innes pools When we went inside the pools it smelt like chlorine and chemicals. After that we had to go into the changing room and get changed into our own togs. When I past the door we saw lots of googles and towels. As we looked around the building I wished I was swimming everyday of the year because It makes me really happy and excited.
During the lessons Miss Garden taught me and the others in my group, some skills we had to learn. We practiced more and more things that she taught us to do. We were practicing some stuff like blowing bubbles and putting the board on our stomach. It felt cold and warm but when we sat onto the chairs out on the outside of the pools it felt really, really, really cold that’s why I was shivering outside the pools. When we jumped in the pools I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to go in the shower before we went in the pools, oops!.
After we got in the pools I didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to go in the pool with the T-shirt we usually wear at camp to swimming. When we got there it was raining as we left the classroom, that’s how I knew that the day was wet and cold. I had to take my jacket to swimming as we suddenly saw the cloud grey and black.
When I got in the middle of the pools it was to deep for me to stand up.
On the last day of swimming we got our togs and then went to the pools at lunch time but I forgot to bring my goggles to school and so my eyes got red and white. The goggles were coloured in blue and black I had two but they had different colours. We finally got out of the pools at the right time when the other class was coming.