Thursday, August 1, 2013

Writing Sample

On the first day of term 3 marching to the hall . Watching  and cheering for team ones performance upon the stage, first we saw Mr liufau standing up with a microphone talking about fairy Tales and after that  on the screen I saw  who am I and I saw different kind of fairy characters.

listening to team two’s music and dance moves on the screen was but the one that i like best was out of all of them was the jabbawockeez and 6 boys. Everyone has been laughing  at mrs she, glaze and blake but I think mrs she can’t do any hip hop dance because she might fail.

Mr Barks movie was very funny because Mr barks does not have nice legs but everyone thinks that is not good No would like his leg just because of the hair that he has and the costumes that was crack up but he’s not pretty at all.

Team fours  Three little pigs were

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