Wednesday, October 24, 2012


These Boots Are made for Walkin'

Would the Author Agree OR Disagree?

LI: I am learning to use the book and what I know to help me decide whether the author would agree or disagree with the sentences.

Sentence/StatementWould the Author:
Agree OR Disagree?
Evidence and Page Number
Mary had a blue lamb, its fleece was blue as a blueberry.
Disagree.“Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow” - Page 2.
Room 8 are designing shoes in class.AgreeWhen their teacher asked them to design a pair of shoes. P-8
The students had to be able to walk in the shoes they made.Agree Mrs Gordon, “but remember - you have to be able to walk in the shoes you make. P-8
Room 8 studied all kinds of footwear.AgreeThey looked at work boots, sports shoes, dress shoes, and party shoes. P-9
They didn’t have to make a list of what they needed, they just gathered them.AgreeThey could make shoes out of just about anything. P-9
Cheyanne didn’t like the soft, fluffy material.AgreeI like this, soft, fluffy materials.P-10
Cheyanne made cloud shoes with purple ribbon.AgreeShe tried them on and they feel a bit weird. P-10
Tom decided he wouldn’t use sponge rubber to make his shoes.DisagreeHe created springy shoes out of thick pieces of sponge rubber. P-11

Blogging: Take a screenshot of your work and post it to your blog with a few sentences explain what you have done. Add a picture of your choice if you like to.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Me Poem

Impossible Bridge - reading activity

You will need a piece of cardboard and different kind of martereials like straws and  Sticky tape,
and Cut the paper in half then keep on folding it the paper. lie a paper on and weigh how strong it is.