Friday, June 29, 2012

Charlie And Maria


Kia Orana

My favourite Friends are  Jonathan, Kyal, Evan, Isara, Zyrin, Calvin and Auri. I wanted to ask my dad if I could go to one of my best friends houses to play their Xbox 360.

In the morning me my friends were playing snakes and ladders.  My friends were playing with me. We had only four players that could play.  They were my best friends. It said that one person could go one at a time.

I was  playing rugby with them. Then we were playing a game of rugby we did have to vs viscount school. We lost our game because my coach said we needed to tackle them as hard as we could and said to work as a team.

When me and my friends a I were at my house they were playing with my ps2 it was so cool that we had fun we wanted to play again and so we played a different game.

On Wednesday we were watching the PePa performance but we saw the Maori haka then the hip hop. It  came up and then the boy from Tamaki College he did the moonwalk on the stage.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A replica of Vincent Van Gogh's Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh is a famous painter in the world. We are copying the styles and technique of Van Gogh’s self portrait and we had to compete to what he is saying about his painting and  it was painted in 1889 the paint was used by oil paint.  

My painting is about Van Gogh’s painting. He is really an artist person but he painted a skull picture because it was like for death.

The thing that makes my painting sad is that it never has details and but it

The painting of mine and Van Gogh’s painting it is really perfect that I wanted to paint.

I need to add more details to my painting to make it stand out paint requires to what my painting.

Thursday, June 7, 2012