Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Mystery practice

What event do you think I’m in? can you guess?

                                         v                             v
                                         v                             v
                                         v                             v
                                         v                             v
                                         v                             v

I’ve been practicing drumming because I like it and it’s my first time playing them. I asked my dad what the different drums were called, he only told me two of them, they were the ones with one eye and one with two eyes. The two eyes were called the base ‘the fat drum’ in english.

What we do first to start the Drumming session is that we say the karakia because that’s what my uncle says to every drummer. We practice drumming in room 24 because my uncle is here to teach us some lessons so we know what to play and how it goes. The Tutors that we practice with are my uncles and they say not to play with them when they’re talking, I’m doing this because I want to show off to my family and I want to make them proud of me.

It’s really fun playing cook island drums but not easy as you might think, It is the hardest drum it’s the hardest drum that I’ve ever played.

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  1. Hi timoteo it look like you had lots of fun playing the drums.So timoteo it was it hard to play the drums or easy.
    keep up the good work timoteo.


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