Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection on Netbooks

In our school we all have netbooks except the little kids, thats pretty sad. I was so jealous of the year six, seven and eight students because they had netbooks.

When we see people that we don’t and that just got there netbooks,  they would need to learn what to do first, before they can use it for the very first time. When new people take there netbooks home they would show their little brothers and sisters what to do and learn about it.

The Keyboard is too small to type with on our netbook I wanted big keyboards because my hands are big. The netbook is small and I want them to be big.

I hope it would be big as normal like other laptops. On my netbook I want the keyboards to be big because It looks like it’s for the little kids. I want laptops because they're more fun make me learn a lot of things that I don’t know.

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