Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family and Cousins

Sitting and Fishing on the beach?

I couldn’t believe that my uncle John had caught six baby sharks last night with my dad. They had been fishing off the rocks. We could see the sharks in his car  when he took us  to school.  They were moving and still alive in front of the car . We were scared.

My dad was helping my Baby brothers and sisters get away from the shark. It was jumping all over the place and wasn’t breathing and it was dead. My dad said ‘whew man that was close.

Just as well we were tied because we had so much fun fishing and having an excitement. When I'm fishing the the line of the rod is moving and it was the fish well it was a baby snapper.

At the end of the day when it started to go down. My dad was felling asleep and he wanted to go back home rest and then we had Mc Donald's, the thing I liked best out of them was the burger. 

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