Monday, September 10, 2012


On Sunday morning Me and My Dad went to the church, but when we got there I was falling asleep at the beginning of it, and the Priest was Frank, he was to one that baptism my little brothers and sisters and gave each of them a candle.

Then on Saturday my whole family were watching , some movies on DVD and T.V and the movie we watched on Saturday night was the river wild. Well it was about the three mens were trying to kill this lady's Husband and son. So the three mens decided to spy on the family, but the first thing was the the wife's grandpa couldn’t hear so he can’t hear properly so does sie language.

Last weekend I went to Kyal's house, then Jonathan came. Then Evan came and we were playing Volleyball and it was me and Evan vs Jonathan and Kyal and when we were playing each team had to serve the ball first and it was my we always have to serve the ball to the next team.

Last week the week before sunday at the end of it Father Frank was talking to a lot of people and anothe person there at the church and he was  one of the priest and saint Marys we were Visiting and having a meeting.

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