Monday, March 4, 2013

School Picnic

Before going to the picnic every class went to the hall and Mr Burt was first talking about food and lunches and about Safety. After that he was saying the prayer then he started to to tell us that the seniors had to walk first, and the class that he told to go first was room 22 then 21, 20,19,and then the juniors.

When we got to the reserve we all had to sit in our class lines and Mr Burt first said that we had to look for a place sit and have our lunch when we started moving to our places our was by the tree and the sands.

Some people were playing with some of the sports gear and the sports gear I was playing with was the softball when I first got there I saw people playing and there weren't much people playing then I started to go and join in and my position in softball was out fielding and being on the bases.

After that I went to my bag and got some lunches out for my lunch I had corn beef sandwiches and I gave some to na

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  1. Hi Timoteo I like your story going to the reserve I went to I played football it was fun keep up the good work and can post a comment on my blog.


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