Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tuakana/Teina (Brother or Sister)

This term Room 19 is learning about Tuakana/ Teina. Tuakana means an older brother or sister, and teina means younger brother or sister. Every Tuesday we all walk over to the library to read with our teina brothers and sisters.

When we going to the library we stay with the teina that we have each week but some have been changed. When I wasn't here on Tuesday my teina, I had to be with Nanthanial from our class for last week.

Our teina come from Room 9, they are a part of our family at Pt England school that we read to. We read to them so we can practise the 3'P's and they are Partnership, Participation and Protection. Working with our teina helps to improve their reading and our leadership skills.

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